Sunday, 26 April 2015

Easy Ice-Cream Your Tummy Will Love

If you're looking for an incredibly easy, lactose-free and low FODMAP ice-cream. Here it is!

Hi again Fodmappers

You are not going to believe how easy it is to make this yummy ice-cream. And you might be surprised to learn that all it takes is one banana. Yes, this really is completely lactose free ice-cream which means it's also vegan, as well as being FODMAP friendly. And despite there being no added sugar it's sweetly satisfying. Great for an after dinner treat or for children's parties.

And it takes no time at all to whisk together.


1 small banana per person


1. Slice the bananas into approx. 1" pieces.

2. Freeze for at least 2 hrs.

3. Remove banana from freezer and put into a mini-chopper. Pulse. (You may find you'll need to loosen it from the sides of the chopper with a spoon.)

4. Continue for a couple of minutes until the ice-cream becomes soft and creamy.

5. Enjoy.

I added choc chips to mine (though I added them a little too soon and ended up with speckled ice-cream) and topped it all with coloured sugar stars and one large chocolate star for extra fabulousness. Alternatively, you could try adding a little peanut butter, coffee essence or chopped nuts to the mix.

If you fancy making your ice-cream a little fruitier, remember that to stay within the safe limit of FODMAPs you need to restrict fruit to one portion per meal. By all means add a little raspberry or strawberry but remember to reduce the overall portion size accordingly.

Guess what I'm going to be eating this summer?

'Til next time Fodmappers - Stay Fabulous.


  1. OK. So I see this a lot on raw food sites + low-carb diet planners.

    I have an issue with raw banana ice-cream. Does it TASTE of banana? (serious question!)

    I love bananas when they are fresh out of their skins but can't bear them in anything else (unless you include sliced in a bowl of butterscotch Angel Delight - forbidden sins and all that!). So anything like banana cake or smoothies with bananas in makes me shiver!

    But this is a brilliant idea - and you make it look so pretty!

    1. Hi Callie - Yes this does taste of banana, and I understand not everyone likes that, but I think if you added a little natural flavouring (like the kind you'd use in baking) you could create something you'd enjoy. Worth a try.

  2. Replies
    1. Me too Susan. It's almost tooooo good. :) x

  3. I actually have a Yonana banana ice cream maker :D It's awesome! But totally unnecessary and I would just use a blender, but it was a gift. But, banana ice cream rocks! I don't find it very banana-y if I freeze the bananas when they aren't super ripe.