Monday, 15 December 2014

The Low-Fodmap Christmas Party Guide - Part 2

Not long now and the presents will be getting exchanged, the food will be on the table and the drinks will start to flow. So Fodmappers, do you know what and how much you can drink this Christmas? And whether you can even drink alcohol on a low-FODMAP diet.

Let's start with the good news.


According to Monash University (who we have to thank for developing the low-FODMAP approach to IBS) the following alcoholic drinks should be OK to include in your celebrations at the suggested levels. And no it doesn't mean you can have a glass of each. ;)

Beer - 1 Can
Whiskey - 1 x 30ml serving
Red wine - 1 x 150ml glass
Sparkling wine - 1 x 150ml glass
White wine - 1 x 150ml glass

Beware to avoid Rum and low-GI wine as both are high in fructose and may trigger symptoms of IBS.

Non-Alcoholic Drinks

If you prefer a glass of something non-alcoholic you should be aware that both apple juice and orange juice are also high-FODMAP so should be avoided. Also make sure to read the labels of any non-alcoholic fruit punch that may take your fancy. Some of these also contain apple juice.

Cranberry juice, however, should pose no problems and inspired a little mulled beverage all of my own. (See image at the top of the page). So here's my recipe for an easy, winter warmer to enjoy this Christmas.

Mulled Cranberry Punch


A carton of Cranberry juice drink (look for one which does not contain artificial sweeteners as they may be high FODMAP. I used Ocean Spray Classic.)

A mulled wine sachet.

Cinnamon sticks. (Optional).


Pour the cranberry drink into a pan, add the mulled wine sachet, and heat gently for a few minutes.
Pour into glasses and add a cinnamon stick for decoration. 

And there you have it, Christmas in a glass. 
Serve to your guests with a selection of nuts or 'safe' cheeses and no-one will suspect a thing.

One final note. Remember that FODMAPs are cumulative so try to stick to small portions where you can. Personally I think that this might be the hardest thing to do at Christmas when there is so much good food and drink about but it's better to eat several small meals than one large one so that you keep the FODMAP levels low.

With that in mind, it just leaves me to wish you a very happy and healthy Christmas. May Santa bring you everything you wish for. See you in the New Year.

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