Monday, 10 November 2014

Low-FODMAP Eating Out - Problem Solved

I have exciting news Fodmappers - I've found an easy option for meals out!

Up until now my default meal-out option has been jacket potatoes but that does get monotonous, so this evening my partner suggested asking if the pizza restaurant had a gluten free option, and guess what? They did! You wouldn't think someone could get so excited about eating in a pizza restaurant (or maybe you would?) but I was very happy. 

Why hadn't I thought of this before? A place where you can design your own meal from a choice of pizza toppings, and pick and choose from the salad bar is perfect for us Fodmappers. This is somewhere where such behaviour is normal, not fussy (I hate that people might think of me as a fussy eater) and no-one suspects a thing.

So this is my very simple tip for meals out. 

Go to a pizza restaurant (though maybe ring first just to check they do gluten-free pizza bases). Choose toppings which you know are low-fodmap - I had goats cheese, cherry tomatoes and olives, and grab yourself some tasty low-fodmap options from the salad bar. 

Of course, you'll need to avoid the temptation of the bread sticks and mayo-type salad dressings and remember to stick to small portions. I figured out that even the individual size pizza would have taken me over the safe level of tomatoes, maybe for other ingredients too. And sadly, desserts are off limits. Having said that, half a pizza, a bowl of carefully selected salad, and a glass of water was plenty.

I should also say that the food was great! So thank you Jess (our waitress). I doubt she'll ever see this blog but she made us feel very welcome. Which is why this is my second tip of the evening. ;)

So phone your friends, book a table and enjoy your evening - and share this post to solve a problem for others too.

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